An American GULAG


INTRODUCTION: There are adults who perform ritual abuse on children. They believe they have a calling to change the behavior of "troubled teens." They operate lock-up Change of Heart, and Snake Pit schools and call themselves custodial parents. They can take your high risk teen and give you back a no risk teen, satisfaction guaranteed.

Behind closed doors, they can become the parent you and I never had They can impose their authority with an iron will and back it up with support staff. Their behavior changing methods include the use of: padded, locked "get right" rooms; straight jackets, wooden cagewrap mats; body bags; electric shock; behavior modification drugs; brainwashing; hypnosis; sensory depravation; enforced silence; teen bodyguards, 24-hour observation; panic locks and silent motion detectors; flashing lights and alarms.

The odd thing is, they can administer pain in a "loving" way. "You will thank me some day," they say. "This is GOOD for you," they say. The smile never fades.

These aren't the thought control camps of China. They're in America, with a uniquely American twist: they're money-makers. These high-security, private lock-up schools market their services with sophisticated brochures to doctors, counselors, educational consultants, churches, and the parents of "rebellious" teens. Their names are pass word-of-mouth through referral networks and parent-support groups..

Parent-funded lock-up schools have been called the second fastest growth industry next to the building of prisons. What makes them different from prisons is that parents call them "boarding schools" and they are filled with rich white kids. The rule of thumb in these schools is: the more money you have, the worse the abuse. Lock-up boarding schools are becoming trendy for desperate parents who can afford to pay for the private incarceration of their child.

For the most part, parents place their child in a blind way. They don't know what these schools are. They depend on the referral from so-called "friends" or "experts." The schools are part of a secret world, a Medieval underworld, that I stumbled into quite by accident when I went searching for a "disappeared child" whom I love, named "Katie."

This book describes my entry into this secret underworld of child abuse. In my search for "Katie", I learned that she had been sent by her single-parent mother to a locked, rigorous, one year, behavior-modification program. It was run by a quasi-religious group. She would have virtually no communication with family members during that year. I also learned that the combination of physical constraints and limited access would set up a cult-like atmosphere in which "Katie" might be coerced into accepting extreme religious views which were not part of the family's value system.

My attempt to gain legal protection for "Katie" enabled me to do extensive research. My research documents this fast-growing rise of an industry of child abuse. This book, then, may help build public awareness strong enough to affect political change. It shows why this emerging industry of child abuse, where children are held captive in a coercive, mind-controlling environment needs to be reformed and regulated, or shut down.

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